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Hi! I'm Alex, a London-based photographer.

My journey with professional photography started over a decade ago with my background in set design, lighting and event production, taking portfolio photos and documenting my work.

Clients kept asking me to share my images as they loved them so much, remarking on my eye for stunning image composition, and technical nuance to create outstanding content. Over time, clients started hiring me not just for my events expertise, but for my photography skills too.

Now my photography assignments range from events, portraits and weddings, to landscape, interiors, architectural and travel.


When I'm not snapping professionally, you'll find me with a camera in one hand and a coffee in the other, finding inspiration and documenting the world around me, in London and beyond. 

If you have a project you need realising, or just want to talk photography, get in touch! Every day holds brand new images, let me breathe life into yours

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